Just Keep Paddling

“Just Keep Paddling” - Wesley Cook 



My brother Doug being gone is a reality I can barely accept. Although the tearful dry heaves and the sensation of leaving my own body from despair are very real, the…


Heavy, Unplugged and Return to the Desert

Long night met by an early morning. I haven't written in a while as I haven't had much mental space to reflect truly and write it down. Getting an album out is a monster of a task and it's still…

Recording The Album

(The third pic has the whole gang: Left to Right: Coty, David, Alex, Brady (goofing off), Cooper, Chris)

My band (lead guitarist Cooper Carter, drummer Alex Morrison and bassist David Schroeder) and I had just played for the weekend…


A Champion of Hope

 A Champion of Hope


It was Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta about 4 years back when I met Marti. She was a former radio personality and I was a new kid in town not knowing a ton of…

What Now?

  A year ago today I woke up to 5 or 6 missed calls from my mom, brother and sister with frantic voicemails in tears telling me that something's happened and that I needed to call them back and come home…

Burning Man: Intro & Chapter One

  Where in the world do I even begin with this one... Well, for the person who's never heard of Burning Man it's one of two things depending on who's doing the observing: "it's a place so…

Burning Man: Chapter 2: The Temple



Chapter 2: The Temple

This was day two. Today, I wanted to see The Temple. 

There are two main structures that are essential to Burning Man: The Man and The Temple.

The Temple, as Raven explained to…

Burning Man: Chapter 3: The Cast


Burning Man: Chapter 3: The Cast


Just like most things in life, it's the people who leave the biggest impressions. Burning Man is no different.

The people you meet there are beautiful, crazy, interesting, deep and human in the…


 When my dear friends Wendy and Adam asked me if I would come to their destination wedding in Barbados I thought to myself "how could I miss their special day". That plus I'd never been to a Caribbean island before…

My Return to Korea: Ghosts and Light

So I got to go back to Korea this past November/December, the week after Thanksgiving. I was going back to visit my Dad who's lived there since I moved there as a 10yr old kid but also to play several…


 I'm writing this installment at 36,000 feet somewhere around the Bering Strait and the very Northeastern tip of Kamchatka/Siberia. This is probably one of the cooler places I've ever written out my blog. It's -90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. "Cooler",