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"Upbeat positivity is a Wes constant, in his music and his attitude", said Rolling Stone Magazine of the blue-eyed songsmith. Georgia Music Magazine said that "(Wesley) may just be the next big thing" in a recent publication and he was recently dubbed “Best Atlanta Singer-Songwriter” of 2014 by Jezebel Magazine. Long before these accolades, Wesley Cook was raised in places like small villages in the former West Germany and a city in South Korea where he learned from an early age the many things that all people share beyond language and culture. “My passion in life is to communicate universal emotions and themes through the universal language of music”. As a songwriter, listeners are sure to hear the familiar world and rhythmic influences of Dave Matthews, Paul Simon and Jason Mraz among others, although he captures a sound that is very much his own. "He's one of those artists that is very tough to classify… again, that's fine with him…." said As a front man, his high-energy showmanship and down-to-earth charm makes it impossible for the crowd not to love him. Wesley has shared the stage with artists such as Zac Brown, Sublime, Everclear, Sister Hazel, Shawn Mullins, Rachel Platten, A Great Big World, Tonic, Santigold, Edwin McCain, Manchester Orchestra, Marc Broussard, Ben Rector, Angie Aparo, Drivin'n'Cryin and more. 


"Upbeat positivity is a Wes constant, in his music and his attitude" - Rolling Stone Magazine

Macon Telegraph Interview on Bragg Jam 2019

"He's one of those artists that is very tough to classify... With such a wide path of styles represented on "Heavy," Wesley Cook is one artist that doesn't fit neatly in a 4 + 4 box. Again, that's fine with him." - Chuck Dauphin, Billboard Magazine 

"(Wesley Cook) may just be the 'Next Big Thing' " - Bret Love, Georgia Music Magazine

"Most importantly, they (the songs) help you feel these emotions when you can’t seem to explain it for yourself, which is the ultimate power that music has for all of us. If you’re looking for a perfect summer drive soundtrack, “Heavy” is the record for you." - Rosie Judd, Atlanta Music Guide

"Wesley Cook creates more than just acoustic songs on his third album, Heavy. He crafts stories with singable melodies that incorporate bits of light pop and reggae, horns, keyboards, a full electric rock band, and, occasionally, acoustic guitar-based numbers. - Gail Fountain, Performer Magazine 

Interview --
Richard Eldredge, Atlanta Magazine

"Cook’s buttery voice guides us through six songs mostly themed around love. The songwriter embraces influences from Counting Crows styled indie rock to more somber moments. “Where We Want to Be” feels like a classic late-era Beatles ballad and is the high point of the EP" --  Nikki Hendrick, The Beachcomber 

"Wesley Cook has a song for just about any season you might encounter. He can be gentle and intimate one moment and a crazed rocker the next. He also has a gift for language, which he uses to paint evocative pictures. He doesn’t just talk about emotions; he makes the listener experience them" - Robb Holmes, Program Manager WUGA 91.7 & 97.9 FM

"The lyrics tell the story of the search in so many people to find someone to have something meaningful with. It also happens to be insanely catchy. “It’s You” is the song that will put Wesley Cook on the map." - Paul Leslie, The Paul Leslie Hour

"Wesley Cook hooks audiences with strummy, summery sound" - Nat Fort, Red&Black Magazine, UGA (Live Show Review)

"Wesley Cook emerged from the infamous Athens, GA music scene with well-crafted acoustic rhythms. Brilliant melodies and hum a long hooks have lured fans to his energy filled live sets" -
Nolen Reeves, Booking Smith's Olde Bar

"Damn it he's good!" - Xavier, WPPP Athens Rock 100.7 FM

"What Cook may lack in pure theory, however, he makes up for in soul. When listening to his new album We’ve Been Here Before, it’s difficult to tell he’s never formally studied the guitar. His hands deftly pluck out intricate melodies and rhythms. His often-understated music exhibits tenderness, sincere vulnerability and lyrical distinctiveness... in a genre that so often gives credence to half-baked, half-written drivel, Wesley Cook certainly raises the standard." -
Gordon Lamb, Flagpole Magazine

"Wesley's one hell of a musician... he's got true talent, charisma, and a whole lot of soul" - Vita Underground

"Wesley Cook wants to take you on a journey" -
Jamie Gottlieb, Red&Black Magazine, UGA

"He reminds me so much of the Paul Simon sound when he sings some of his songs. It’s just amazing feel good music with great energy. Don’t confuse that statement though, Wesley has his own unique sound... I think Wesley Cook will be a force to deal with very soon in Atlanta and beyond. I myself can’t wait to hit another show to dance the night away and giggle as he throws his sense of humor out to the crowd..." - Kimberly James, Bold Spicy News Live Show Review

"Wesley Cook is an up and coming, very talented singer/songwriter has just released his debut-cd... and it's a real keeper. A young man with lots of experience, and this allready shines through in his music. Eclectic melodies and inspiring, raw master guitar-playing-style..." Eder Blog, Sweden (


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